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  • Founded IRTSA : While still a Third year Apprentice, he founded IRTSA * in November, 1965 to build and provide a platform for the first time, to the Technical Supervisors on the Railways, to unite and to represent their problems at all levels. He was elected as the Founder General Secretary of the Association with Shri S.R.S. Garcha as the President.

*The Association was first christened as Indian Railways Apprentice Mechanics & Ex-Apprentice Mechanics Association but later renamed as Indian Railways Technical Supervisors Association, with which was later merged the Indian Railways Foremen Association and All India Junior Supervisors Association in March, 1970.

  • He intensively toured all over Indian Railway (taking his own leave, Passes and P.T.Os.) visiting different Workshops, Sheds and Depots to study the working conditions there, and strengthen IRTSA by mobilising the Technical Supervisors <1.nd making them conscious of their rights. He was greatly successful in hi~ mission of awakening them to the fact as to how they had been ignored by the Railways as compared to their counterparts elsewhere in the country.

  • He organised Mass Movement for betterment of Technical Supervisors and Called for Rallies, Dharnas, Demonstrations and Relay Fasts and Work-to Rule to highlight the plight of Technical Supervisors, who had been completely ignored by the previous Pay Commissions due to lack of any platform to represent them.

  • Raised the demand, for the first time, for Parity of pay Scales with government Undertakings and "Time Bound Promotion" in 1967. While these demands were initially termed as unrealistic by several veteran leaders at that time, but ultimately become the hallmark of the Trade Union Struggle on the Railways.

  • Organised a "Mass Signature Campaign" all over India through 4 sets of petitions in all the four directions and submitted a 12 Mtrs long Petitions (On tracing cloth) to the Parliament in 1968-69 and got several questions raised in the Parliament - through numerous M.Ps. on the plight of Technical Supervisors on the Railways.



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