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(Regd. No. 1329, at Delhi, Under Indian Trade Union Act, 1926)

(Central Hd. Qtrs.- 32 Phase 6, Mohali, Chandigarh-160055)


IRTSA was formed in November, 1965, with an objective to unite & strive for better service conditions and emoluments of the Technical Supervisors on the Indian Railways. Prior to formation of IRTSA, there was no platform or organization to represent this vital Middle Management Category of Technical Supervisors on the Railways. Consequently the category had suffered tremendously at the hands of First and Second Pay Commissions due to lack of any forum to represent them before either of these forums (set up between 1946 - 1948 & 1957 - 1959 respectively).

On November 1, 1965, initiative was taken by a group of Apprentice Mechanics & Ex-Apprentice Mechanics of Northern Railway, Lucknow, to form an Association to represent them at various levels. Shri Harchandan Singh – who was at that time only a third year Apprentice of Northern Railway at Lucknow - was asked to take the lead. He immediately toured and contacted counterparts on other zonal Railways and called them for a meeting at ICF Chennai, in the last week of November, 1965, The meeting was attended by representatives from each of the 9 Zonal Railways and 3 Production Units.

Finally an Association was formed on 27th November, 1965, at Chennai. Shri Harchandan Singh was elected as its first General Secretary.

The Association was initially named as Indian Railways Apprentice Mechanics & Ex-Apprentice Mechanics Association. Within an year thereof, the name of the Association was changed to INDIAN RAILWAYS TECHNICAL SUPERVISORS ASSOCIATION (IRTSA), in a historic All India Conference held at New Delhi, on 27th November, 1966. The Conference was largely attended and widely publicized in the media. The Association worked in coordination with Indian Railways Foremen Association - which was formed in 1964 and which was finally merged with IRTSA in August, 1970 during the All India Joint Convention held at Ajmer.

IRTSA has a strong organization and has made remarkable achievements – continuously struggling for the betterment of Technical Supervisors and Railway men at large during the last nearly 40 years in spite of the fact had it has not been given a ‘de-jure’ recognition. But there is still a long way to go and the struggle must go on …..

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